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Hi! My name is Victoria (And favorite store name is also Victoria’s secret haha). I am 18 years old and I DECIDED that it is time to make myself feel like a million bucks. I decided that I want my body to look like Adriana Lima’s. I want to look in the mirror and love myself for who I am. I want to not be ashamed of who I am. I want to perform better, not only at the gym but in life as well. To help me with this, I created a Tumblr blog. Follow my daily journal posts on my diet and fitness, recipes, etc and more! I created my “Victoria’s Journey to Abs” and I started my count down!
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Victoria’s Journey to Abs Day 11

Journal for Friday, 15 June, 2012 

Sorry, I am writing this post a day late. 
Hello! First day on the keto diet. In fact I am impressed with it. Even though yesterday was a day I was lacking energy, probably due to the lack of carbohydrates, I was impressed. Today I feel much skinnier when I weighed myself on Saturday. I am in my 48.1! My lowest number yet! In fact I look way skinnier. And I am not emphasizing, my family told me this as well. I ate the sufficient amount of calories (1500) and did not feel hungry at all. I recommend. Even though the food is not the food I am used to, it’s not bad. Ate a lot of peanut butter and avocados and evoo for healthy fats. Hopefully by the end of these 2 weeks I get the results I want. If you guys do try this, then be prepared for STICKING TO IT. No “Oh I’ll just have a 1 piece of cookie” I was surrounded by junk food the whole day yesterday. Because I knew my plan and I realllyyyy wanted to acomplish it(Summer is in 2 weeks!!), I didn’t even crave chocolate cookies. I’m fine with eating clean 100%. It sucks I have to give up fruit though for these next 2 weeks. Have to limit myself.

B: Protein pancake (1 tb flaxmeal, 2 tb unswee/ almond milk, 1/2 banana, stevia, 1 scoop pp) cooked on pan with coconut oil. Served 1 tbsp of peanut butter.

S: 100g of cottage cheese (About 2%), 10 g of chocolate chips (dark) and 2 tb peanut butter.

L: Chicken with a salad. The chicken was soo good :D

D: Chicken with a salad again haha. A little big sweet potatoes.

And that’s it :D

MACROS: Cal 1409/1492 Carbs: 56/75 Fats: 67/83 Protein: 151/112 :D

Haha My protein intake went over board but that’s okay :D

Victoria’s Journey to Abs Day 10

Hello! My day 10 was alright. Its already June 14, there are 14 days left, OR… 2 weeks UNTIL SUMMER!!!


I have been in my 48 kg for 2 weeks now, and my plan to get to at least 14% bodyfat failed. Stubborn fat is so stubborn what can I say. It’s not coming off! Now that I got rid of the “easy” weight, the stubborn fat on my thighs and abdominal area is NOT coming off with my 40:30:30 approach. This is why I will try something COMPLETELY new these 2 weeks.


I dreaded when I heard this name. There was no way in hell was I going to give up my beloved 150g of carbs per day for only about 50-75g per day.

For those who don’t know what a ketogenic diet is, in simplistic terms, it is when carbohydrates are removed from diet(mostly all) and the body’s small stores are depleted. The body forces other macronutrients to be the source of energy. Therefore, free fatty acids. To put this on a very fundamental level, basically the body will have an ESIER time getting the fat out of the adipose or “fat cells”

BECAUSE I am at such low body % and every little gram counts, it is crucial I follow this. Hopefully, I will lose those 2 kgs (At least 1 kg) with a keto diet and exercise. I have to be honest, carbs are the ones to give you fuel for your body and energy for you to be able to complete your daily activity. And without carbs, I might feel my energy level will be down for a couple of weeks. I might try an approach of carb cycling if this is too much. For now, I will just go on keto for 2 weeks. Then slowly come out of it as I start to weight train. I might as well continue if I see my progress is going well and I have not “completed” my journey by the end of these 2 weeks.

LAST DAY ;( Before this hell begins.

Thursday, 14 June, 2012

B: Oatmeal + 1 tb peanut butter + fruits

S: Cottage cheese + 1 tb pb + 10g dark chocolate chips

L: Omlette: 2 eggs + 1 1/2 baby swiss cheese slice(34 g) 30g of avocado, and veggies.

D: Baked Chicken + mrs dash no salt seasoning

S: Fruit icecream:D = 1/2 banana, 5 strawberries frozen. Top off with 1 tb pb and some dark chocolate chip pieces. And since doing the keto diet was planned, I thought I would have a little treat before these 2 weeks of hell begin. Im actually joking, I recently started eating more sweets and cheat meals and my cravings increased therefore Ive ben eating them more. I remember May was the month when I was on focus 100% I had like maybe.. 3 cheat meals (tiny tiny pieces of cake and tiny pieces of ice cream). These past two weeks in June Ive had like.. 5 cheat meals ahaha so far. I don’t mind. Once I come out of keto, I will continue my good eating habits but I will not restrict myself. I don’t believe in.. ONLY 3 cheat meals a month shit. You want to eat it, eat it! Just not too much and not often. Have sanity people. No average person starting on a healthy diet will restrict everything on day 1. Nutritionists are just a little egoistic sometimes.

I hit about 1600calories/1500 calories anyways. My macros were pretty much in good shape. Im not worried about the cheat meal.

Anyways, So far my meals for tomorrow are planned out and they look really good. I will be following the 20:30:50 approach. I know holy shit that’s a lot of fats. Oh well what can I do. New macros : Calories: 1492 Fats: 83 Carbs: 75 Protein: 112 g. I might even increase my protein intake to 20:40:40 because that is too many fats.

Bye ! 

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Oat pancakes with yoghurt, berries and passionfruit :)